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How to LightonZ

Let LightonZ light up your world.
Begin your composition by clicking the Enter LightonZ Button.
Type in text on the keyboard or copy and paste a message to be edited into this screen.
Make sure you learn how to copy and paste on the web or from documents using long press and the little tabs to highlight and select the text you want to use for your LightonZ.
Always be aware of copyright issues and abide by those.
ie Copy to Clipboard then paste by long press at the beginning of your lightonz screen in enter window,
you will see the tab appear and then press the paste menu button to enter the text.

TIP:-Long press on screen to bring up copy/paste/select all - Use "Select All" Feature to quickly select the text and then COPY to Clipboard - it is quicker this way.
Or from your Apple, PC/Laptop Computer copy the text that you need, send it to your email eg GMail and then use Select All Feature and Copy into LightonZ on your Mobile Device.
You can also use the Select All feature when in UPDATE New LightonZ Screen after pressing EDIT on the PLAY LightonZ which allows you to change an existing Saved LightonZ.
Use the Select All and then Cut Feature to remove the text quickly without having to erase all of your text on the Keyboard.(use long press at beginning of text - scroll up to top)
Also, you may add to the existing saved text and build up your LightonZ like an Essay, so it becomes your ongoing Composition,
that progresses as you find more relevant information, or inspiration to complete your saved LightonZ.

LightonZ is limitless, imagine it, conceive it, compose it, make it, your LightonZ.

If you are entering your own text from the keyboard tap the screen to bring up the keyboard.
Use the Android back button on your phone to release the keyboard.
Use the tools on the LightonZ toolbar to edit, change color/size of text.
The font size icon will change the font size of the text and the font colour icon will change the colour of the text.
Use the add picture and add sound icons on toolbar to include your favourite picture or a sound clip in your LightonZ creation.

Then to play your LightonZ click the Play Saved LightonZ button and you will see your LightonZ after the inspiring light bulb animation.
Dont worry too much if your LightonZ isnt perfect first time saved. From the Play Saved lightonz you can select edit to make changes anytime and update the text,
sound and picture to your preference.
Add as many LightonZ as you want, add a different picture, add a new sound, use your phone camera to add a picture, whatever purpose you like, for study, for inspiration,
got any ideas? (limited only by the storage capacity of your device).

Toolbar Icon Guide
     Saved Image icon
     Font Color icon
     Font Size Icon
     Image Library and Camera Icon
     Sound Clips Library Icon
     Trash Icon
     Back Button - Exit Window
        Navigation Back/Forward icon
  Android Select All/Cut/Copy/Paste Text Tool

LightonZ will be saved as LightonZ_1, LightonZ_2 ........progressively numbered, these are stored in order for you to view in Play Saved LightonZ.
You can navigate through all of your Saved LightonZ files by using the left and right arrows.
For Play Saved LightonZ the Saved Image Icon will display your selected image in the current open LightonZ - One Image per LightonZ,
Press the saved picture icon to show your image in lightonZ then click the saved picture icon again to close in Android, in iPhone use exit feature to close picture.
The Sound Clip Icon will play your selected Sound in the current open LightonZ - One Sound per LightonZ.
Click the sound icon to play your saved sound file, use the controls to pause or stop or play.
Sound Clips can be created using the Sound Recorder on your device and saved to Library which will make it available in LightonZ.
As well there is the voice record to text feature which you may add to your LightonZ.
In iPhone you will need to setup this up in the Accessibility settings by enabling text to speech.
How to enable Text to Speech on iPhone

BEWARE if you use the delete option (trash icon) this will permanently delete the file so lightonZ_1 if deleted, that number file will not be available in memory to use again.
Consider updating the file to change and only use delete as last resort.
LightonZ text can be copied to Email or Facebook to be used externally from your device.
LightonZ text can also be copied to Word Doc in Android using X-Office
(iPhone users need to install Microsoft Word from the App Store and have an Account with Microsoft to enable this feature,
otherwise use email to transfer the text).

NEW:- iPhone users can now play back Text to Speech.
It is possible to copy your LightonZ text for use in other applications or externally from the Play LightonZ Screen rather than the edit/update Screen.

LightonZ Video Demos will demonstrate the "How to light up your LightonZ".


LightonZ Android Version Text Recorder Video Demo

LightonZ iPhone Version Text Recorder Video Demo

LightonZ Android Version Inspiration Recorder Video Demo

LightonZ iPhone Version Inspiration Recorder Video Demo

As well as recording your text for educational purposes, you can also empower your world
with your very own LightonZ Inspiration.


Whatever your goal might be. Whatever your talent.
Let LightonZ help you focus on your future as your Personal Development App.
LightonZ can help you get on track.
Bring vision and instruction to your mind.

LightonZ Motivation.
You could have dreams of being a sports star, having a successful business, being creative in art, becoming a musician or a performer on the stage;
maybe an inventor or a scientest working on a breakthrough technology.
Your plan could be to break those bad habits, lose weight, get fit again,
or you might want to be a better parent, or pass that qualification that you need.

LightonZ is not a quick fix and a magic wand, but it is a training tool or recorder to help whatever your purpose.
Have fun and develop your future.
Light up a LightonZ.

Here is inspirational text that you may use:-

"I have unique gifts and talents"
"I have freedom to choose my destiny"
"I will not focus on the circumstances that try to stop me"
"I value the individual design of my character and abilities"
"I choose to overcome my weakness and failings that will only serve to make me a better person"
"I choose faith not doubt and my faith has substance to achieve what I am made to be and do"

The vision I have is:-
For business .......... fill in the blanks with yours
For health ............ fill in the blanks with yours
For Career ............ fill in the blanks with yours
For Creativity ........ fill in the blanks with yours
For Sport ............. fill in the blanks with yours
For (My goal) ......... fill in the blanks with yours

Yes of cause LightonZ is not limited to text you may add pictures and sound to enhance your inspiration.

LightonZ welcomes - Contributed Affirmations for use in LightonZ, made available to copy here on this website.
Please use the contact form below to contribute your LightonZ.
Make your powerful message available for all to use.
Please be advised it will become Public Domain.
We cant promise all will be accepted due to limitations on web page, but consider expanding this later with those collected.
Consider all positive and encouraging messages that will inspire people to go for it.
If you are known with expertise in motivation,
LightonZ invites you on board,
you may provide a sample of your giftings and add a link to your website for promotion.
A reciprocal link to LightonZ would be required for us to complete the handshake.

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